Life Coach & Therapist

Life Coach & Therapist

 Life Coaches Compared to Therapist

Coaching sometimes provides quicker results, as it typically addresses more surface-level concerns than therapy. However, if your problems are rooted in your emotional patterns or subconscious functioning and can’t be addressed by coaching alone, your coach may refer you to a therapist.



How is Life Coaching Different from Therapy?

Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach University, has made the following distinctions between Coaching and traditional therapy:

  • Coaching is about achievement; therapy is about healing.
  • Coaching is about action; therapy is about understanding.
  • Coaching is about transformation; therapy is about change.
  • Coaching is about momentum; therapy is about safety.
  • Coaching is about intuition; therapy is about feelings.
  • Coaching is about joy; therapy is about happiness.
  • Coaching is about performance; therapy is about progress.
  • Coaching is about synchronicity; therapy is about timing.
  • Coaching is about attraction; therapy is about protecting.
  • Coaching is about creating; therapy is about resolving.


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